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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Would it be unreasonable of me to execute my immediate family? I am reserving judgement. For now.

So, the title may paint me as slightly strange, however, read my tale of woe and vote on whether it really would be unreasonable of me :)

First up for the job of victim - My dear partner. Crafting has started hurting my hands, must be encroaching old age, yikes!, but because of this I have to limit my time with certain crafts, especially moulding with Fimo. I moulded and baked a new batch of flowers for my hair slides today. Took me a long time and resulted in rather sore wrists. However, the flowers came out really well and I was looking forward to attaching and glazing them. Where I hear you ask, does the execution of my partner come into this? Well. I left them in the oven to cool down. Along comes Pippy and decides to cook his dinner (modern man is Pippy). Instead of opening the oven and looking, he instead decides to turn it to 1000 degrees and incinerate 'pre-heat' it for TWENTY MINUTES.

I'm sure you can imagine the results... a rather burnt selection of flowers that would not look out of place in Pompeii!

Words were had. Execution has currently been postponed, but I will see how his behaviour is over the next few days before I make a final decision :D

The man himself... one wrong step away from certain death -

On to the second candidate for an untimely demise - my beautiful daughter E. Nothing to do with crafting this one. More a 'I wonder why I keep getting email receipts from iTunes... I'm sure I haven't bought anything for ages...' I decide to actually open one and discover that the 'little angel' has, during March, spent EIGHTY, yes EIGHTY, English pounds on 'mermaid gems' for a game she plays on my phone. Lesson learned - do not allow 8 year old your password.

I think I will stay her execution as really this was my fault for thinking an 8 year old would have the impulse control to fight the pretty, sparkly, bling lights of the mermaid gems :D She obviously takes after me when I enter a craft store positively salivating at the mouth for the shiny-goodness :D

Roll on back to school!!

Too cute to kill?

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