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Monday, 8 April 2013

It's been a while...

I started this blog in the hope that I would have time for it, to post daily and share my waffle with the world. Unfortunately it seems that Stephen Hawking has not yet been able to create bendable time and my measly 24 hours a day did not expand :(

I'm now trying again! Quite how this is going to happen I don't know. I still have 2 daughters, now 8 and 3. I also still have 5 cats. Somehow I appear to have gained 3 dogs as well which is slightly baffling :)

To start with I will share photos of the dogs...

My eldest daughter has also crept into that picture. Here is the youngest, or 'Evil' as we like to call her;

Do not be fooled by the cute exterior. She has only one mission in life and that is to DESTROY. Especially any craft I am working on. Her sister senses her evil and tries to kill her at every opportunity;

To date she has been unsuccessful.

In between feeding the many animals and occasionally the children, I have been working on a new range of hair clips:

These are all being listed on my Etsy shop MollyMooDesign

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