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Saturday, 13 April 2013

If you don't want to lose the next 3 weeks of your life... don't read this

You know how you start looking at something on the Internet and one click leads to another to another to another and before you know it 4 days have passed and you're sitting in a puddle of your own wee? Well, perhaps not the last bit but you get the general gist? If you have the fear just thinking about this then do not type this into your search bar.

I've been selling on for quite a while now but hadn't stumbled upon Regretsy until recently. It now wastes hours and hours of my time when I could be interacting with Evil 1 and 2 or, more importantly, sewing. The main concept is that they share listings from Etsy that are either quite clearly not what they are tagged to be, eg something called 'steampunk' which is actually closer related to Disney, or are, quite frankly, rubbish.

So, it is a little mean. But incredibly funny and you can spend hours and hours on there. I'll give you some examples...

This is quite clearly the epitome of Steampunk, not:

This, on the other hand, is the actual living embodiment of steampunk. Oh. No it's not:

Anyway, enough of that. Let's get back to business. I finally got round to listing my two new hairclip sets today, neither you will be relieved to see have the tag 'steampunk'. And if either of these listings end up on Regretsy I will not be responsible for my actions :D

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