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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Children and crafting supplies do not mix. Unless your craft involves cement, in which case mix away!

Ah, children. Got to love them. Apart from when they steal your crafting supplies. So far this weekend, my one daughter has taken a whole roll of ribbon. She then proceeded to wrap lengths of it from one door handle to another - great move Molly!! I finally managed to untie it all but then left it on the side where the dogs soon decided it was a new chew toy. Sigh.

Molly then moved on to my (extensive) stash of Fimo. 'I make lollipops, Mummy' she said. She left out 'I make lollipops with as much of your Fimo as my pudgy little paws can carry, blend it all until it is a fetching sludge brown and then feed it to the dogs'. Double sigh.

Evie has also been attacking the Fimo. She has been making Japanese figures all afternoon and very cute they are too. I've also made her some Fimo marshmallow 'flumps' for one of my small glass jars that she has 'acquired'. Going in to her bedroom is like entering HobbyCraft - 'Oh that's where my pinking shears/soldering iron/dangerous chemicals [delete as appropriate] went!' Her response to me waving said items around in front of her and shrieking, 'What on earth is THIS doing under your quilt, Evie?!' is always the same, 'I was keeping them safe, Mummy'. Oh. Thanks.

So anyway, from the supplies I managed to hide away from Evil 1 and Evil 2, I made the following, see what you think:

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Things I am stressed about...

Where to start? Currently we are having a new bathroom put in. Not a re-fit, a whole new bathroom where one did not exist before. This means playing musical bedrooms. We have moved out of our normal bedroom into the attic and Evil 2 has been moved temporarily into Evil 1's bedroom. This is not going well.

Evil 1 wakes up Evil 2. Evil 2 wakes up Evil 1. And, more importantly, us. 4.30am last night, 12.30 the night before, 3am the night before that. Need I go on?

So, my life sucks.

Plus, my builder is a Buddhist. This means he is attempting to build the new bathroom without killing any living thing. Including trees*

Anyway, I'm self soothing by playing with clay. Here are my first attempts:

Flower brooch -

Silver necklace -

*This may not strictly be true, but as he told me off today for not emptying the bedroom enough I'm feeling in the mood to slander him here. His exact words were 'It's not just me that you've let down, more importantly, you've let yourself down'. I feel shame :D

He is however, a very good carpenter and has made a fab job of our downstairs bathroom, kitchen, living room, and a beautiful toy box/window seat (hopes for hefty discount when he reads this)