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Monday, 15 April 2013

A new Etsy team launched today and... I also cooked a meal - What a day!!

So today a new Etsy team that I am proud to be part of launched - PickedbyhandEU. The team pages can be found here.

The team all work hard to promote each other on and off Etsy and there are some truly beautiful shops involved.

One of my personal favourites is Mielasiela Who makes stunning wooden toys, here is an example:

I've fallen in love with the bags on offer from GabardineCouture Here are some of their gorgeous items:

Also really enjoying the illustrations available here at KAmyrafts

This is one of my favourites:

There are many more lovely shops in the team so come and have a look at the team page

I'm going to feature several of the shops each week so you can get a taste for all of the lovely items.

And, in other news... I cooked a meal. No one has yet died from food poisoning. However, when I was musing to myself whether I had left an ingredient out by accident as the taste seemed different to normal (although tis hard to remember as the last time I cooked was roughly 15 years ago), my darling daughter piped up "Yes Mummy, you forgot the ingredient with the taste"! Why thank you, darling :D

I also 'forced' Evil 2 to clean the skirting boards today while I watched Jeremy Kyle. But let's skip over that before my mother and father see this and forcibly take my children from me. Actually... :D

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