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Friday, 12 April 2013

Top tip - Hobbits and needles do not mix!

Well we finally got round to watching The Hobbit last night after non-sleeping children put the kybosh on it the previous 3 nights - yes I'm looking at YOU, Molly! Anyway,I was very excited as I'd just spent the last week re-watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy with my elder daughter. Although with all the explaining that had to be done the 3 films took around 400 hours to get through but never mind!

We settled down to watch and I started needle felting at the same time. I wanted to try some new ideas to make a set of needle felted necklaces. And this brings me to my top tip - DO NOT attempt needle felting while engrossed in a film! The soundtrack to The Hobbit was not the dwarves singing but me screaming in pain every 2 minutes! Eventually I decided that the necklaces would have to wait until today if my hands were to survive the night :)

We enjoyed The Hobbit immensely and are now excitedly looking forward to the next installment. It has also given us new nicknames for the Evil Ones (aka the children) - Mini-Orc and Mini-Troll.

Quite clearly Daughter 1

Quite clearly Daughter 2

The necklaces I completed today, they are hand needle felted (a little too literally last night!) and have then been embroidered and beaded:

I will list these lovelies in my etsy shop tonight

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