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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What can I say? We were not meant to win quizzes :( Well I am, but my team sucked :D

So, hard drinking and partying 'crew' that we are, we headed off to a local parish quiz night on Friday night. No loud nightclubs for us, oh no, in fact not even a pub. The quiz is held at a village hall twice a year, and, to my shame, is the highlight of my life since having children :D

With a combined age in the room of 1,000,000 million, million, million, we were the 'youngsters' destined to win. No other table in the room could possibly compete with our exhaustive knowledge of Ant and Dec's 'Let's Get Ready to Rumble' or our encyclopedic familiarity with the cast of Towie 2011-2013.

And, to be fair, the octogenarians probably couldn't contend with that. Unfortunately, the questions all revolved around actual knowledge, like real er stuff, that happened in the world aeons ago (when most of the other teams were probably in their twenties, jiving across the Jurassic landscape).

Still, we had a plan. Not necessarily a good plan, but a plan at least. Think Baldrick's level of 'plan' here. It was thus - Answer every question with 'The Great Wall of China'. Surprisingly, this didn't help. In fact, even when we actually thought the answer was The Great Wall of China, it turned out to be something to do with damn dingoes. Dingoes?? I ask you!

Great Dingo Fence - apparently the biggest man made thingy ma jig in the world. Who knew?

Don't let it fool you - The Great Wall of China is NEVER the answer!

Anyway, I performed magnificently, Phil just about redeemed himself after burning my roses last week, and Martin was scarily accurate when it came to musicals. What can I say about the other 3? Well, they kept the seats warm :D

I'm now running from my remaining team 'mates' as when they read that ^^^^ they'll be after me. Although with a collective IQ of 1, I need not fear too much :D

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